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Welcome to the wiki. This is the Tests wiki, initially started by Jazzy (aka Brook that Reflects Blue Skies). This is for all the Tests Roleplay character pages, fanfics, level up pictures (if you want), and skits! You can post all this anywhere, but here is a wiki for it! You don't have to make anything here, but I was bored and wanted to make a wiki. Also, be sure to check out the Important announcement I made, you'll find the information there very helpful.-Jazzy

Hello ! This is Maple here, an admin of the wiki and the creator of the Tests here to say that we are officially back, with the roleplay Sophia’s Vengeance ! This wikI will also be used for that roleplay as it is the same sort of world, and you are free to browse old character pages, we won’t delete them, and they may later be featured in this Roleplay ! Anyways, have fun and enjoy your time here ! - Maple, using the wrong account and revealing that she was tangy from the blog :P


So, here on this wiki you can do anything Tests related, please check out the rules, and make a character page if you want! The current admins are - Brook That Reflects Blue Skies (Jazzy), Mapledriftpaw(Maple), and Cheetahstar2334 (Cheetah)

Above is some great art, by some awesome people! So, if you want a piece of art featured, just ask me (Jazzy)!

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